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Going Back to Work After Having a Baby?

I assure you that I have never met a mother who has felt ready to return to work. Most mothers experience anxiety when thinking about going back to work. Returning to work is always tricky. Here are some tips that could help you during this transition.

If you are formula feeding, read tips 1-5. If you are breastfeeding or combo feeding (breast milk and formula), read all 10 tips.

1. Built a support system- don’t do this alone, engage your partner, family, and friends who have been supporting you this far. Joining a mom’s group is helpful. Include your postpartum doula.

2.If possible, try to return to work in the middle of the week. Cut your first week short.

3.Talk to your HR about starting part-time and work up to full-time.

4. Hire the nanny/caregiver to join you at home a couple of weeks before heading back to work. Help the nanny/caregiver transition into your baby’s routine. I recommend leaving home to feel how it is to be away from the baby.

5. Teach the nanny/caregiver how to pace bottle feed. Here is a great video

6. Introduce the bottle- you will not be part of this process. This step will help the baby to eat while you are not there. Some baby’s take a bottle with ease; for others, it could take time to get used to it.

7. Get your milk bank ready- if you have not begun storing milk, I encourage you to begin right away. The best time to pump is after the morning feed. Add 1-3 pumping session to get your stash ready.Remember, the more you empty your breast, the more milk you will produce.

8.Get a pumping work schedule- I have attached a link to help your production while you are working. Adjust the times to your personal schedule. Make sure you feed the baby right before you go to work and pump every 3 hours until you arrive home to do a feeding.

9. Get pumping supplies – a good pump, extra accessories, cooler, pump bags, pumping bra, & comfortable clothing.

10. Organize your freezer stash and make sure the oldest milk is used first.

Before going back to work take advantage of snuggling with your little one every chance you get, there is no way you could spoil your baby.

These are tips I have shared with many of the moms I've supported in the past. I want to encourage you to adjust them to your liking.


La Doula Nadine

Birthing with dignity,

because every family deserves the royal treatment

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