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Frequently Asked Questions 


Do I need a Doula if I plan to have an epidural?

Regardless of the pain management option of your choice, doulas ensure mom's overall physical and emotional comfort from beginning to end. They provide pain relief techniques until the anesthesiologist can get to mom, endless reassurance, create a calm environment and foster mom-dad-baby bonding. Additionally, partners and support people appreciate having a doula as a companion with mom when they need a meal, restroom break, or more time with their other children.


My doctor told me I might need a surgical birth or C-Section, do I need a Doula?

A doula is trained to provide excellent support regardless of the scenario. A surgical birth can be a scary procedure for some moms. Securing a doula is a good option to prepare mentally and emotionally, and to receive assistance with the logistics of that special day you get to meet your baby.  After your cesarian birth, your doula will continue working with you to make an effortless recovery.

Would the Doula take the place of my partner?


Absolutely not. Maintaining the family unit is our primary mission. The doula is present to enhance the family's birth experience and foster connectedness with each other. In the same way that a new child does not replace existing children, a doula does not replace the partner or support person picked by the mother. We seek to provide extra love and support for all parties involved.


This is not my first prenancy, would I need a Doula?

Emptying our 'mental cup' is the first step to making room for new knowledge. Regardless of the number of pregnancies you have had, it is never too late to treat yourself to the birth that you envision, with the support you deserve. All births are different, and every mother has different needs. This option is especially recommended for moms that have experienced difficult births, desire better partner communication, and involvement, or that want to feel more empowered by their birth choices.


I was told my baby will not survive, what can a Doula do for me?

First and foremost, our heart is with you and your family. As trained grief and bereavement doulas, we will help you put together a loving birth and farewell plan that represents your religious and spiritual beliefs. Our caring support will continue, should you choose so, after the birth. We support moms at any stage of pregnancy loss. For more information click here.


What is the hype with placenta encapsulation?

Placenta ingestion has gained momentum in the U.S. for the last few decades. However, various cultures around the world have made use of it for centuries. Personal accounts of women that have taken their placenta, either raw or in capsules, report increased energy and regulated moods.

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