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Placenta Processing Services 

Various cultures around the world have enjoyed the benefits of the powerful placenta for its nutritional and energetic properties. The placenta is a supplement believed to promote a more stable postpartum mood, boost mom’s energy and milk supply, and replace and enhance the levels of essential hormones including prolactin, oxytocin (love hormone), progesterone, and essential minerals like iron.  Now is your turn to try it for yourself!

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*Pills (Raw)

*Umbilical Cord Keepsake 

* Picture of Placenta

Rosie Shot



* Pills (Raw or TMC) 

* Umbilical Cord Keepsake

* Broth if TMC was used

* Picture of Placenta

* Tincture




24-hour smoothie: $50


50/50: $25 ( TCM & Raw)

Frozen pieces: $10


Herbs for TCM method: $15


Multiples: Add $50 for Twin and an additional $25 fee   thereafter for each additional placenta in the case of multiples.


Salve: $25  

Explanation of Methods 

Broth: The liquid left from the steamed placenta.  Can be used in food.  


Frozen Pieces: Your placenta will be cut and separated into perfect size pieces.  


Raw: Placenta is dehydrated without steaming process.


Salve: Placenta ointment 


24-hour Smoothie:  We will come to the hospital within 24 hours of your delivery and make you a shake.


Tincture: Part of your placenta is marinated in 100% liquor for 30 days.  The tincture can last years if stored appropriately.   


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Placenta is first steamed and then dehydrated. Your choice of organic herbs such as ginger, lemongrass, or spicy green pepper can be added to the water. This preparation method produces a broth which can be used in food.

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