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What is a Rebozo Birth?

Don’t just have a birth, have a rebozo birth! A rebozo is a long shawl that has been used for centuries in traditional Mexican births. “This multi-function tool is made especially for mom, and can be used by dads or support persons during labor to provide relaxation, aid in labor positions, and enhance the special connection made during the birthing experience.”

Fruits of my Labor Birth Services (FomL), Birth Doulas are here to help you have a dignified birth. We are trained and certified in relaxation techniques, traditional labor positions, and using a rebozo during your birth. We are ready to share this wisdom with you! Having a Birth Doula can help you and your birth team have a playbook for your birth.

FomL has many different Birth Doula packages to fit your budget. Schedule a free consultation


Kudos for this wonderful demostration of birth positions.

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