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What are people saying about Fruits of my Labor?

Ty Nadine for helping me I truly Believe you are heaven sent 😇

Racquel D. 2018

Thank u Nadine for being there for me and Jassy when I was stressing over breastfeeding. Thank you for the tea you gave me and encouraging me not to give up.

Roxanna L. 2018

Nadine, I worked with you. I’m so blessed to of had the opportunity to of worked with you. Your amazing. You were a huge support to me, understanding, honest, hardworking, passionate. I learned so much from you. Thank you😘

Josefina P. 2018

Hi Nadine! My daughter is 2 now and I just want to thank you for your help early on during my breastfeeding journey! You are much appreciated! God bless you ❤️

Monica V. 2018

"Very responsive, friendly and helpful. They offer their clients wonderful support."

 Shauna M. 2017

Huge thanks to Fruits of my Labor for my placental supplements!  No narcotics after my C-section...Only supplements!  Thank u Jesus!

Oshonna W. 2017

You really did a wonderful job conveying, in your business name and logo, that pregnancy and birth are powerful and beautiful stages in life... and because I know you, I can also say that your families will greatly benefit from you and Vanessa's care, compassion and wisdom.

Juli T. 2016

"Thank you for going the extra mile and connecting us with the needed resources."

Janice C. 2016

"I had thought about having a Doula or midwife, but I didn't really know anything about it... How to go about it, at all! These women made it easy! They helped me prepare for my baby physically, mentally and emotionally! Having my doula there during the birthing process, was wonderful! She gave me confidence and peace of mind! If I could recommend something to expecting mother's, it would be to check into this! You will have the knowledge and support of these wonderful women, throughout it all! 
Thank you Fruits of my Labor, it meant the world to me, to have you by my side!"

Magen G. 2016


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