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Postpartum Services

We specialize in supporting parents, siblings and other family members during one of the most critical moments of their lives: the arrival of a new baby. As your Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists, we will help you create the optimal space where you can bond with your baby.  Your Doula will help you create a sleeping environment that will kick-start healthy sleeping habits for you and your baby.  Our focus is your recovery, caring for your baby, your family's needs, and maintaining an organized home where you can relax after "Fruitful Labor." Let's create a nourishing fourth trimester for you and your family.

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All Doulas are trained and certified by Fruits of my Labor as well as other organizations.  When you pick a Fruits of my Labor Doula, you are bringing an experienced and well trained Doula/Newborn Care Specialist.  

Postpartum Home Services


Daytime Doula Services:

Minimum of 6 hours a day



Nighttime Doula Services:

Minimum of 8 hours a night



Each additional hour



Add $5/hr for twins



Newborn Baby
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